May, 2013

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We Have Arrived

Praise the Lord for a very uneventful trip to the Dominican Republic. The team is looking forward to a good night’s rest and kicking off VBS and construction in the morning. The medical team will be setting up and start seeing patients on Monday. We’ll provide a more detailed update tomorrow and throughout the week. God bless you.

Can’t Wait for the Reunion

Last day in clinic. Worked in a local gathering. Weather was bad and we didn’t see a lot of patients. Mostly older patients who were members of the gathering. Were able to really minister to each one of them and show the Father’s love and offer  encouragement. The local gathering leader told his story about how he was educated in finance and was planning on a career similar to his father. When he became a follower, his father was very angry when he gave up this career to be a local leader. This happened 7 years ago. His father is still not a follower and still angry with him. We laid hands on him and talked to The Father on his behalf.

Tonight we are scheduled to have a fellowship with our translators since it is our last night with them. They have been amazing. Their love for the Father is so evident and they are willing to risk everything to tell everyone about Him. It is truly humbling to be around people who really understand what being a true follower is all about and live it out everyday.

There will be some tears shed as we say our goodbyes but I will remind them that this is not the end. There will be a reunion of this whole team one day in heaven. We will rejoice and praise The Father when we see all that He accomplished this week through us. I believe we will meet people in heaven who are second  and third generations of followers who came to know The Son because we were obedient to the call . Family members and friends of the people we led to The Son will say, ” We are here because you cared enough to come and tell my husband/father/wife/mother and then they told me.”  It will be a great party one day.

Tomorrow is a sight seeing day and Saturday we start back home. Bittersweet. Hate to leave but ready to see love ones!


Open Hearts Yield Open Doors

Today the whole team worked in a motorcycle factory. Mostly young adults without many health problems. We were told before clinic started that we would not be able to openly share today because of the factory setting and the plant manager is not a follower. Things changed pretty quickly after we got there.

The first patient I saw was a young man who had high blood pressure. I gave him some medicine and asked if I could talk to the Father for him. He looked at me and said, “What is that?” I proceeded to tell him about the One who created the heavens and the earth.  Soon,  everyone started sharing and one of the first to make a decision to become a follower was the plant manager! Numerous decisions to become followers were made today.

David received a text from a GA in his local gathering early this mornings and wanted to know what could she talk to the Father specifically about.  David told her about concerns about the factory not being open to hearing about the Father. He is anxious to talk to her to tell her that it worked!

I say it everyday but I cannot get over the reaction when people hear about the Father for the first time. The day ended with us thanking the plant manager for allowing us to visit. He said several things that blew me away. First he asked if we would come back tomorrow night and meet with the new followers and teach them how to grow as followers and learn from The Book! Second, he asked if we would consider coming back to do more “medical clinics” at a later date because there were more factories they he could give us access to! Lastly, while we were working in a new employee training room, he envisioned this becoming a local assembly gathering place! Not bad for day when we were told we couldn’t share! :)

Last day of clinic tomorrow.  Team is tired but excited about what has happened this week.  Please continue to talk to the Father for us!


The Glow of the Father

Went to the same assembly as yesterday for my team. Other team went to a glass factory. Almost everyone seen at the factory were not followers but by the end of day more than 17 were! I met a young girl today with severe acne  on her face. She had poor self-esteem. Would not look at you in the face with her head down. She was not a follower but after we talked to her and showed love to her and she became a follower, her entire demeanor changed.  She had a glow about her that could only come from the Father. :)

One of the neatest scenes from today was when we looked up and a young man who had just became a follower yesterday had joined the other local followers and was serving and was helping convince others to become one! Thanks for all the conversations with the Father on our behalf. Two more days of clinic. Tomorrow the entire team goes to a motorcycle factory.


Breeching the Darkness

Today we held clinic at another site where followers gather. Mostly elderly patients with multiple medical problems, many that we had no medicine to help so we would surround them and lay hands on them and talk to
the Father.

Multiple decisions were made today!

I discovered one big reason why today was a success. Two local followers who volunteered to help today did nothing all day but stand along the wall in the clinic and continually talked to the Father for everyone who visited
today. They stood in the gap for the team today. Patient came to the clinic today with a necklace and a bracelet on which symbolized allegiance to Buddha. When he asked to make a decision, he realized he couldn’t do both so he
removed the necklace because he didn’t need it anymore! Still a lot of darkness.

David talked to a woman about a decision but declined because her son threatened to not feed her or give her a place to live if she made a decision. Please continue to talk to the Father for her and many others who struggle with the consequences of making a decision. It reminds me of the words of the Son when he talks about the cost of following Him. It is real to these people. It can cost them everything……..


Not the End, But the Beginning

Much better day today. Had clinic at the local assembly and gathered  with them. David spoke to the group about a woman at the well who found living water. Invited others to find the same living water.  Many people made decisions today.  It is amazing to see the reaction on people’s faces who hear the story for the first time.

Met people in their 70’s and 80’s who thought that when they died that it was the end. They would return to dust and no hope of a life eternal. They were tired of their idols because they didn’t offer them any hope. They were reluctant to listen about a Father who loved them and could give them hope. But they did and they will never be the same. It was a good day :-)


First Day of Clinic

First day of clinic was different from any  I had been involved with.  We went to a village that one of our translators grew up in. She was the first “follower” in the village. She encouraged her parents to become followers when she returned from school. They were the only followers in the entire village.  We got to visit her house and ‘spoke’ a blessing on her family and their house.  After they became followers, they went through a process of removing all the idols from it. Now on the mantle is only a cross!  The village otherwise was very dark.  The clinic was a challenge.  People spoke a different dialect from our translators so we had to use two translators.

The people are very curious. We would be talking to a patient about medical or ‘other’ issues and  people would come and sit beside them and start-up other conversations! Very distracting.

David and his translator were talking to a woman about issues and when he would get to an important part of the conversation, her cell phone would go off and she would get up to answer. Three times it happened at the critical point to where David asked the Father to intervene! Lots of warfare!

Got to talk to several patients with several making decisions. Many were not ready to let go of their idols. Talked to many people who had no idea about the Father or never had heard of the name of His Son.

We will be working in a church tomorrow where we will hold a clinic and visit with them. David will get to speak.
Please continue to talk to the Father for us.


Let the Journey Begin

After an overnight flight of 13.5 hours, Terry and David have arrived safely with the rest of the team in East Asia.  Please pray for them as the mission begins.  We have received quick phone calls telling us they are all well but tired as communications must be kept short for now.  Pray specifically today for the adjustments their bodies must make to the time difference of 13 hours!

Thank you for being faithful to serve with our missionaries in prayer.  I know they are blessed, emboldened, and encouraged by your prayers.