Can’t Wait for the Reunion

Last day in clinic. Worked in a local gathering. Weather was bad and we didn’t see a lot of patients. Mostly older patients who were members of the gathering. Were able to really minister to each one of them and show the Father’s love and offer  encouragement. The local gathering leader told his story about how he was educated in finance and was planning on a career similar to his father. When he became a follower, his father was very angry when he gave up this career to be a local leader. This happened 7 years ago. His father is still not a follower and still angry with him. We laid hands on him and talked to The Father on his behalf.

Tonight we are scheduled to have a fellowship with our translators since it is our last night with them. They have been amazing. Their love for the Father is so evident and they are willing to risk everything to tell everyone about Him. It is truly humbling to be around people who really understand what being a true follower is all about and live it out everyday.

There will be some tears shed as we say our goodbyes but I will remind them that this is not the end. There will be a reunion of this whole team one day in heaven. We will rejoice and praise The Father when we see all that He accomplished this week through us. I believe we will meet people in heaven who are second  and third generations of followers who came to know The Son because we were obedient to the call . Family members and friends of the people we led to The Son will say, ” We are here because you cared enough to come and tell my husband/father/wife/mother and then they told me.”  It will be a great party one day.

Tomorrow is a sight seeing day and Saturday we start back home. Bittersweet. Hate to leave but ready to see love ones!


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  1. mhandley says:


    I have just read your blog comments. Very good at giving those back home ideas of what we experienced. Thanks for sharing this. It was great to meet and work with you and David. I really appreciate all you did for us and our students. I know the trip was life-changing for all of us. Please share with your family and David’s how much we appreciate your being our leaders on the trip.
    Please know that Stephanie and I will be prayer warriors for you and David and will listen for requests.