November, 2013

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Left Home or Headed Home

We are in the air headed to Atlanta. God has truly blessed our team this week. Many came expecting to bless the Guatemalans. Surely that task was accomplished. However, very few could have imagined how they were blessed. Throughout the week our team shared with one another how God was working in their lives. So much so that most now consider Guatemala a second home.

A highlight of the week was our students. We were blessed over and over again as they demonstrated childlike faith and led us to do the same. Amazing!

This week our team constructed twelve houses, provided food for 200 families and shared the Gospel through VBS with hundreds of children. During the home dedication on Friday and Saturday several people gave their lives to Christ. One lady had been shall we say less than friendly as we worked at her home during the week. However, the love of Christ crushed those barriers and the hardness of her heart. As the walls she had built were melted away, she gave her life to Christ. What a blessing!

During the week we saw Christ work in the life of our team as well. One of our young team members accepted Christ as His Savior! What a delight to share that moment together with our family.

Fairview, thank you for being faithful to support missions. Our team has been blessed all week by your prayers and love for us. GOD IS GOOD!
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Headed Home

The group is en route to Atlanta and should be landing about 6:00pm Atlanta time (5:00pm local)—everything is going great.

Last Day in Guatemala

Today, for some of us, started at the crack of dawn loading up the trucks for the Volcano excursion. After curving and swerving up the mountain side in the vans, we finally saddled up for a two and half mile ride to the volcano. We then hiked another mile the rest of the way. Between breathing at that altitude, the wind blowing at 30 mph, and the tour guide roasting marshmallows in the lava flow, today has been super interesting. Some of us watched from afar as the kids hiked up even further to “ski” (slide) down the mountain side. I also would like to mention that my horse was the only horse that tried to throw me off. The view was worth more than any amount of money in the world, and knowing that we were standing on an active volcano with steam streaming out of the side was unbelievable. We met up with the other half of the team, that got to sleep in today, in Antigua. The market and shopping there was every girls dream! The McDonald’s was quite fancy as well. After negotiating prices all afternoon, we all left with full bags and full belly’s!! We returned back home to the Mission house to a dinner of leftovers and a night worship for the books. The power went out. Candle light singing with Brother Danny and Brother Breck speaking the words of his heart was a night I will never forget. It is clear that every single person on this team has been moved by the work of our Almighty God. We talked about how easy it is for us to go out of our comfort zone and be known for God and what we can do to be known for Him as well in Columbus, Mississippi. My heart hurts, as well as everyone else, to leave these beautiful people and this breathtaking place. I personally am going to continue to pray and reach out to the Guatemalan people, as I hope you my church family will continue to do so. I am so thankful to have such an amazing and supportive church!! I love y’all! Love, Jessica Lancaster

Home Dedication Day!

Well, today was another great day! We started out the day going in numerous different directions. One group headed to do VBS again and had a little smaller group but very good quality time with many of our new friends. Such a rewarding time working with all of the precious children that attended VBS this week! Another group headed to the church that was having repairs done and seems to have accomplished the task and the rest of the group headed out to do home dedications. Six home dedications were done today and five decisions were made to receive Christ!! We went in groups and someone would speak to the family through the interpreter and then the Gospel was presented and then a prayer of dedication for the home was done by another member of the group.Afterwards a basket of food and kitchen items were presented to the family. This was such a sweet time with these families and made all the hard work this week more than worth the time. It was such a humbling experience I believe for all involved and we made certain the families knew this was not a gift from us but from God our Father because He loves them! Afterwards we headed to another church to do a Food Distribution for about 100 families. Once again, very humbling experience. From there we went and had supper then back to the Mission House. Another tiring day but in such a good way! Pray for us as we continue our last six home dedications tomorrow that we will see more family members pray to receive Christ! We will also be doing another Food Distribution tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to another great day and to see what God has in store for us to experience and His people here in Guatamala!!

Stacy Farnham

Flexibility Is The Word For The Day

Today was a day full of excitement in Guatemala. The group has built houses for 12 different families. In the process of building the houses, each group has had the priviledge to interact with the families that will occupy these homes. The true joy is getting the opportunity to play with the village full of children at each new house. Today, groups went in different directions to accomplish a variety of tasks. One group went to complete final touches to each home installing the window and door and finalizing the lamina sidings. Another group was sent to a local church to add gutters to the roof to prevent building leaks during rain storms. The most flexible group was the group that was unexpectly tasked to conduct a second day of Vacation Bible School. The first day of VBS saw a great turn out of approximately 75 children lasting well over 3 1/2 hours, which resulted in a totally exhausted VBS staff. Since the first day of VBS was so successful, a second day was set up hoping to match the numbers from the previous day. It was estimated that the second day of VBS was attended by approximately 220 kids and local adults. Praise God. The VBS workers were terrific and everyone involved had such a magnificant time, but again left completely exhausted. Tomorrow will be another great day as we begin our home dedication ceremonies and get the honor of presenting a home welcoming and blessing basket and the opportunity to share the gospel with each family. Please pray that God continues to move within the mission group and presents more opportunities to share the love of Christ with our new Guatemalen friends


Beuno Dia from Guatemala

Good morning from beautiful Guatemala. This is my first mission trip and like most people i had no idea what to expect. Like most people I sat in the team report meetings and heard all the stories from past team members about how the people here had nothing but yet had everything,and how the minister to you as much as you minister to them, its not until you get here and see for yourself how happy and content the people here are that everything you have heard sets in. Yesterday i had the honor of being able to help at a VBS that we put on, walking around watching the children they find so much joy in little things such as putting stickers on sheets of paper (that’s a whole story in itself) or throwing a Frisbee around and playing with the bubbles. The second part of the blessing from VBS for me was being able to watch the children from our group playing with and loving on the children from Guatemala, I know it was said before about it warming your heart but it truly does. One of my biggest concerns coming on this trip was the language barrier i was quickly shown that God’s love speaks clearer and will break down any language barrier.

God Bless
Alan Lewis

From Blesser to Blessed

I am on my first mission trip to Guatemala not knowing what to expect only going on what people have told me. First let me start by saying God is good. Nobody can tell you the emotions that you feel. What I saw today and the people I met showed me how blessed I am. We built houses today for families who have absolutely nothing. They were kind, respectful and very gracious. This is only the first day and I can tell you I was the one who was blessed. I have many things that I take for granted that God has given me. One thing that people did tell me about going on a mission trip is that God will bless you and they were right. This was just day one I look forward to the rest of the week to see the many blessings God has planned for the mission team.

Mickey Allen

Need Your Heart Warmed?

Tuesday in Guatemala was very HEART WARMING! We started the day with the Mary and Martha story. We left with the “Martha” attitude to get houses built, but were challenged to be more like Mary. Our group took all the little people (9 children on the trip) and what blessing that it turned out as we saw our children being the hands and feet of Jesus. As I climbed to the top of a ladder to screw some tin down on the top of the house, I looked and saw all 9 children in an ally playing soccer, throwing Frisbee, and making balloon animals. They were laughing, running, talking the universal language of love with several of the Guatemalan children. Grant and I were talking earlier tonight and I asked him what he thought of his first day in Guatemala doing mission work, and he said better than I could ever describe. He said, “The people here are so happy with what they have.” I could not add anything to that statement. Continue to lift our team in your prayers as we seek what God has in store for us tomorrow. WE ARE HAVING A BLAST ON TOP OF IT ALL!!!!!

Brad Fleming
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All the Bacon!

It is with great excitement and expectation as we prepare to begin our work with the Mayan people tomorrow. We were able to move 30 people through the airports today with much speed and little confusion as we had to check 45 bags filled with lots of items that could really be messy, such as peanut butter, bubbles, and even bacon without incident. Bro. Breck must really like his bacon and sausage to pack 30 frozen pounds of it! I was even picked to go through security without taking off my shoes or pulling out my liquid items in my carryon bag (I had no idea that anybody could even be picked to skip the security measures). Everyone was able to fly without anyone getting sick or too anxious (including Mickey Allen who is well-known to have a great fear of flying…..I think that Dr. Jerry Turner helped him out some!). We went through some very poor areas on our way to the Grace Mission House, and I know that the Lord will help show us how to be able to help them. I know that the Lord will show us a few things also!
The Boyds

Landed Safely in Guatemala

The team has landed safely in Guatemala and will post to the blog when they get settled.