Sir, you can’t take peanut butter through security

Our team is in the air to Guatemala and should land around 12:30 PM. Everyone is a little tired but doing well.

Now for the title of the post. One of our weary travelers had peanut butter in their carry on bags. Let’s just say that peanut butter is not very popular with TSA (especially 5 lb jars!)

We scrambled to get the peanut butter checked in another bag so we would have lunch. One of the students with us remarked, “I’m glad they don’t scan for Jesus.” A couple of applications of that wonderful thought:

1. Humor is a great way to diffuse a tough situation. I loved that they broke the tension with a smile and demonstrated patience, peace and joy to all around us.

2. No one – except us – can prevent us from carrying Jesus with us anywhere. How about you? Will you carry Him with you today or will you allow the world to “screen Him out?”

Pray for our team and yourself as we carry Jesus to all we meet today.

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