We started our construction work today! We started the foundation for the building and the boys are working hard at mixing concrete with shovels! We are building a kitchen for the sweet ladies who cook meals for us and every other team that comes to Haiti. These same ladies also cook for the children of the school. It costs 50 dollars a year for each child to come to school. This money pays for tuition, a uniform, and one meal per day. The kitchen that the ladies have previously been cooking in is a hut made up of a tarp roof and a tin wall.
It’s been so special seeing all of the kids who remember me and the people who have been here before. It is also comforting to see how much progress has been made on the site since we’ve last been here. This community that is so dear to my heart is growing beautifully.
On this trip so far we’ve seen familiar faces and also met new ones. One new face we’ve met is a little boy who is about four months old. We met his mom last time we were here when she was pregnant with him. This sweet baby has fluid in his head that needs to be drained. He cries all the time because he’s in pain. It’s heart breaking that he, like so many other children in this country, has not been able to get the treatment that he needs. Although I cannot pronounce his name specifically, I ask that you pray for him and his mom as they hope and pray for the best for him.

God’s work is being done and His love is being shown in Anse a Pitre this week. Continue to pray for our team as we work to finish this kitchen and continue to build relationships based on the love of our Lord with the people of Haiti.

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