What’s in a hug?

Today was the first day that I got to help with the bible school/story telling.  We told the students about the first Christmas and the birth of Christ.  We didn’t know if they had ever heard the story.  After we got done, we had a lot of questions from the students, which challenged us a little bit.  Really cool experience.  We sang for them.  Then the translator got them to sing for us.  Loved getting to see them have fun singing/dancing for us. 

            Then after lunch we went and distributed food for the community.  We would tell them a little about us and then through prayer and love, we showed them the love of Christ.  Its what this whole thing is about.  Nothing quite like receiving a hug and a big thank you from someone you don’t even know and that through prayer, God has filled a need for them through a small bag of rice and beans (Very humbling experience).  It makes you really think about all the “little things” that go wrong in our lives and we make it into a “BIG thing”. Very very thankful for this trip and the opportunity to do this. 

Davis Lee and Cal Fleming

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