From the Pastor

Brother Breck sends the following:

Greetings from East Asia! After 36 hours of travel time that included a single 14 hour plane ride we arrived at our destination. We were all exhausted but also encouraged. We arrived around midnight local time and drove a couple of hours to our hotel in the city where we would be working. Our first day was filled with preparation. We met our translators from the local community. Many of them were members of the family, others were not. That is exciting! All week long as we share about the Father we will have students from the local university around us hearing His story as well. Please talk to Dad about them specifically.
Yesterday we split into two teams and saw over 100 in our medical and eye clinics. We helped them with their physical needs and helped them learn about our family and our Father. We were so blessed to see several become a part of the family!!! Continue to talk to Dad about our needs. Today we will be meeting with different family groups around the city to learn about them and how their work is going.
The culture here is vastly different from America. However, the people are the same as us. They work hard, love their families, and are hungry for the truth and peace that we know. Continue to talk to Dad for us and our family in East Asia.

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