From Kent Walker

We have had an amazing start to our mission trip to East Asia. Although it took us 36 hours to get here, all the team would agree that is was worth whatever time it took. I have been blessed with the special privilege to share the Gospel with the people after they receive their medical care. Although it is hard to believe, many of these people have never heard of Jesus and they have been taught from birth that there is no God. They are taught that science alone explains the creation of the world and that the only thing that matters is leaving a better world for their children. Most are Atheists that believe there is nothing after death. It reminds me of the passage that the harvest is ready but the laborer’s are few. I am so thankful that Fairview has a heart for missions and that we are part of the laborer’s God is using. I am so thankful for the prayer warriors that have prayed for us and this mission trip. You are just as big of a laborer as those of us who travel. We could not accomplish anything without God’s power being with us and we know that you have been faithful in prayer and we see God’s hand move here among these people.
There is nothing that compares to the experience of sharing the Gospel and having the person’s face light up when you share the wonderful love that God has for them. One of the highlights I will always treasure was seeing a man today in his 70’s break into a smile and when I asked him if he would like to accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord. We were able to give him a Bible and he walked away a new creature in Christ Jesus. In the last two days we have seen over 25 people of all ages give their heart to Christ – God loves his people and the Holy Spirit is working here in a powerful way.
We also had the opportunity to worship today with the Christian brothers and sisters in the city we are working in. It was so special to hear them sing, read scripture, and pray in their native language. They have a zeal and a passion that the church in America once had. We went to encourage them but it was really us who walked away encouraged and challenged to realize how special that coming together as a body of believers really is.
Please pray that God will continue to pour out His Spirit on the people as we conduct the medical clinics this week. Pray that our team will stay healthy and that the enemy will be bound and that many more souls will be added to His Kingdom.

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