A Crunchy Banana!

Greetings from Bolivia

We left the church parking lot Saturday at 9:30 after a prayer and drove to Atlanta. From there we flew to Miami and then all night to Santa Cruz, Bolivia arriving at 6AM. The next 2 1/2 hours were spent in line at Customs but thankfully all of our suitcases loaded with medicines, eye glasses, candy and toys passed inspection. A short bus ride to the hotel later , we ate a late breakfast and crashed for a nap. Sunday night we worshipped with our translators at a local church and really felt the presence of God!

Monday morning we took a one hour bus ride to the true “end of the road.” What we found was a barn with a thatched roof, 4 poles with a tarp loosely tied over, and a smiling local pastor with several church members who welcomed us. Thirty minutes later we had converted it to an eye, dental and medical clinic with a spiritual counseling center to boot!
We saw a lot today: from Pam Foster somehow getting an IV started on a very sick dehydrated lady…to an old man getting new eye glasses and being able to read his Bible for the first time in several years to watching my daughter Lily share the Gospel and lead a lady to Christ!!

The wind blew long and hard all day….Everything got covered with dust! The banana I ate for a snack was “crunchy” from all the dust……But I remembered from Acts how the Holy Spirit descended with a mighty rushing wind…..And His power was definitely there today! In all we had 37 professions of faith today!! Continue to pray for us as we do His work here.
Love in Christ, Rusty

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