An Office With A View

Today was yet another great day in Santa Cruz . The rain and temperature were a bit challenging but God yet again showed out!

We started the day by driving in rain and on very muddy roads.  Imagine mud riding on 4 wheelers in Mississippi and you now get the picture. We arrived safely to the poorest area we had been to. The pastor greeted us and I introduced myself to his precious wife. She told me how sorry and ashamed she was for the North Americans to hold a medical clinic in their home. I reassured her we were honored to be able to help their people. It reminded me of the story of the widow and the mite who had little but gave EVERYTHING she had. This is exactly what these people did for us.

When we arrived it was cold and raining. The pastor was so upset that he had worked so hard to tell everyone we would be there and no one had come out in the bad weather. We prayed for him and that God would yet again let us see His power in this day. We missed the pastor for a while and we think he left to go out and tell the people we were there. Little by little people started to come. We ended up seeing about 120 people with around 28 professions of faith. Needless to say the pastor was encouraged and had the biggest smile on his face when we left.

Every mission trip has its WOW moments but this particular one has had multiple….from holding sweet babies while moms were being cared for to sharing the gospel with my translator, the list goes on and on. I thank you Fairview Baptist Church for supporting missions and praying for us as we GO. Please continue to keep us in yours prayers. We have a free day tomorrow and start our journey home early Saturday. Being a mom and getting to have your entire family together on mission is truly one of the greatest blessings I have been given.

Also, on a side note…..We turned the buses into an eye clinic and also spiritual counseling. I will say leading the eye team I had the “finest” office for the day. We were much warmer than the others. :)

Kim Westmoreland

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