November, 2014

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Ladies Only!

Today was tool day for the women of the team!!! We held medical clinic the past 2 days and saw close to 100 people each day. Today we were able to go out and build a home for a family of five. The family has 3 daughters and these precious babies were so excited about the house that we were building for them. We passed out dolls that were made from our church and each of the girls were so excited to have one. We will be going back to this same village tomorrow to do medical clinic and VBS. The women of the team were “beasts” today while building the house. Please continue to pray as we prepare for house dedications and preparing to return home.


Tammy and Tamber

Just What We Need

Greetings from Guatemala on a beautiful Thursday night! We have had a great week and have seen our God show up and show out in many different ways. I have been on a team sent to build a church building. It is nothing like you would think when thinking of a church, but more of a tractor shed. Dimensions were 27 feet wide by 30 feet long. After being discouraged by the size of the task and materials that we had to work with, is when I began to see that God had been working out the smallest of details before we even boarded the plane Monday morning. We knew we had a church to build but didn’t know any of the details or materials that we could not get here in Guatemala. I was in a building supply store Saturday morning to pick up a couple of things that we may need (40 tap-con screws), when he threw approx. 75-80 in a bag with a couple of bits and said this is my donation. On the way to the ballgame last Saturday another friend handed me a sack of other concrete Hilti screws (just a hand full, nobody counted). As we completed the project today and were packing our tools up I noticed that we had 3 of the tap-con screws and one of the Hilti screws that we had brought with us. I don’t think this was just a coincidence that these types of screws HE just sent to Guatemala on accident. I see so many of these people just waiting on our God to meet their needs daily. I have enjoyed getting to know Pastor Luigi and visit with him a lot this week. He is excited about what God has done and is doing with his church. I think a lot of the time we just need to back away and let Him work out even the smallest of details that we encounter on a daily basis.


PS: We just experienced a 5.3 earthquake as I was typing this blog, I am sitting in a lounge chair and it felt like a rocking chair


God Bless

Brad Fleming


For months God has been preparing this team for our trip to Guatemala. We have worked in medical clinics and construction for the past three days. God has truly blessed us beyond measure. I pray that we have brought love and hope to these people. Thanks to our friends and families at home for the prayers and encouragement.


With Love in Christ,

Barbara Fleming

Wherever He Leads I’ll Go!

Höla from Guatemala! This is our second day working. It’s a beautiful country, the beauty of Gods creation is evident here everywhere you look. To stay here on the coffee plantation is a blessing. The fresh fruit, vegetables and meals are delicious that the 2 Village women prepare for us every night. It is my understanding that the fruits and vegetables are grown here on the plantation. John and Laurie (Mission House Directors) are WONDERFUL hosts and make us feel like kings and queens. I am excited about the coffee plantation tour that we will get to take later in the week.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity to come on this mission trip. I am amazed how God works in our lives. I had felt in my heart that the Lord could not use me anymore. This is not where I want to be. I want to know that I am where God can use me and I am walking in a servants path with my life. This is my desire. On the first work day, our pastor put me with him. I think because he had promised to take care of me. To work side by side with him was a blessing. You can see the love he has for these people. When we got to the job site, which was a experience in it self. The roads are not the best and Breck took off up the mountain, which seemed to be straight up. We both grabbed our backpacks and the cooler. We had to stop half way and catch our breath. As we were standing there the children were passing us with the lumber for the first house. These children were different ages, but the small girls were carrying the lumber just like the boys. (UNBELIEVABLE) They are beautiful children. You fall in love at first sight of them. THE NEEDS ARE SO MANY AND IN EVERY DIRECTION YOU LOOK. These people don’t act as though they need anything and seem to be very happy with a dirt floor and no shoes on there feet. We are so blinded by things that we cant see what we have become. My desire is to serve my savior (WHERE EVER HE LEADS I GO). Will you pray for me that I wont miss Him this week. I love you all and I am so thankful for you and your love. It is late and our pastor is waiting for this. Hope I will get a chance to tell what the Lord does through me this week.



Joy, Love, and Faith

Wow, God is so amazing! Guatemala what a beautiful place! Each day starts with our team sharing chores as we prepare for the day God has planned. The team is truly amazing showing me each day the joy of servant hood whether for their team members or the people in the villages. Once the chores have finished and we have eaten breakfast we enjoy a time of worship together. Mitchell is so blessed with talents from our Lord! He plays the piano, sings, and leads us in songs of praise and adoration. Breck began with words from Exodus today. The message was one of listening and watching for God during the journey. Sometimes we focus so much on what we want from God, what our expectations are right now, how we want to serve God, but God wants us to learn more than the result. He is looking for a growth in our relationship with him and our spiritual maturity. God blessed us today with learning that He provides exactly what we need to perform the work. Even through language barriers we were able to communicate with the community to build the home they needed with a very limited space. Today I saw the following things: Joy – joy on the faces of the people we were serving and those who were serving; Love – love of God through loving the children and people of the community; Faith – faithful servants of the Lord giving of themselves not to build a building but to show Christ’s love to those hurting. Two verses shared sum it up: “rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not for man, knowing that whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether he is a bondservant or is free.” This week we are serving the Lord but we have not had to wait long to receive the blessings in return because as we serve He has shown us the joy and thankfulness of the people we have encountered. The second verse “For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more of them.” God is great and we should serve others as He did!

Robert Gabel

Rolling Along

Hello from Guatemala. Today was our first day of work and it went very well. We started with breakfast and a devotion before heading out to do our assigned tasks. I was with a group that was building houses and felt lost for the first hour we were there. Most of the guys have been here before and knew what was going on. Everyone was very patient with the rookies and when we finally got the hang of it I was able to be of help to the rest of the crew.

Sometime around mid morning we took a break to talk to the family that was going to live in the house. We had candy to pass out and Frisbees and bubbles to play with. I got a Frisbee out of my son’s backpack and noticed that he also had some Hot Wheels cars in there. I got one out and tried to roll it on the ground with a group of boys that we there but they were not real interested in that. Then a saw the tin for the house and started rolling the car on it and they were fascinated with that. There were probably ten kids playing with that one car and everyone was having fun. Check out the video link below (GregMovie) to help better illustrate.  We eventually went back to work and I don’t know what happened to the car or the boys but I never heard any fussing from any of them.

The second house we worked on started a lot faster than the first because we all knew what to expect. There was a boy there that was helping bring tin up to the house site. On one of the trips up the hill he dropped a piece of tin and it cut his finger. After he dropped it he was still trying to pick it back up and get it to the work site. Someone saw he was bleeding and we finally got him to come to us. Some of the guys tried to stop the bleeding and patch him up, but we realized he needed a little more attention than we could give him. Someone from the village was going to take him to the doctor, so I am looking forward to see him tomorrow and make sure all is good.

This was a great day and we are tired but all you hear is the laughter from everyone enjoying their selves and looking forward to what God has in store for us in the morning.

Thank you for all the prayers that are being lifted up for us and the work we are doing.