Wherever He Leads I’ll Go!

Höla from Guatemala! This is our second day working. It’s a beautiful country, the beauty of Gods creation is evident here everywhere you look. To stay here on the coffee plantation is a blessing. The fresh fruit, vegetables and meals are delicious that the 2 Village women prepare for us every night. It is my understanding that the fruits and vegetables are grown here on the plantation. John and Laurie (Mission House Directors) are WONDERFUL hosts and make us feel like kings and queens. I am excited about the coffee plantation tour that we will get to take later in the week.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity to come on this mission trip. I am amazed how God works in our lives. I had felt in my heart that the Lord could not use me anymore. This is not where I want to be. I want to know that I am where God can use me and I am walking in a servants path with my life. This is my desire. On the first work day, our pastor put me with him. I think because he had promised to take care of me. To work side by side with him was a blessing. You can see the love he has for these people. When we got to the job site, which was a experience in it self. The roads are not the best and Breck took off up the mountain, which seemed to be straight up. We both grabbed our backpacks and the cooler. We had to stop half way and catch our breath. As we were standing there the children were passing us with the lumber for the first house. These children were different ages, but the small girls were carrying the lumber just like the boys. (UNBELIEVABLE) They are beautiful children. You fall in love at first sight of them. THE NEEDS ARE SO MANY AND IN EVERY DIRECTION YOU LOOK. These people don’t act as though they need anything and seem to be very happy with a dirt floor and no shoes on there feet. We are so blinded by things that we cant see what we have become. My desire is to serve my savior (WHERE EVER HE LEADS I GO). Will you pray for me that I wont miss Him this week. I love you all and I am so thankful for you and your love. It is late and our pastor is waiting for this. Hope I will get a chance to tell what the Lord does through me this week.



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