Just What We Need

Greetings from Guatemala on a beautiful Thursday night! We have had a great week and have seen our God show up and show out in many different ways. I have been on a team sent to build a church building. It is nothing like you would think when thinking of a church, but more of a tractor shed. Dimensions were 27 feet wide by 30 feet long. After being discouraged by the size of the task and materials that we had to work with, is when I began to see that God had been working out the smallest of details before we even boarded the plane Monday morning. We knew we had a church to build but didn’t know any of the details or materials that we could not get here in Guatemala. I was in a building supply store Saturday morning to pick up a couple of things that we may need (40 tap-con screws), when he threw approx. 75-80 in a bag with a couple of bits and said this is my donation. On the way to the ballgame last Saturday another friend handed me a sack of other concrete Hilti screws (just a hand full, nobody counted). As we completed the project today and were packing our tools up I noticed that we had 3 of the tap-con screws and one of the Hilti screws that we had brought with us. I don’t think this was just a coincidence that these types of screws HE just sent to Guatemala on accident. I see so many of these people just waiting on our God to meet their needs daily. I have enjoyed getting to know Pastor Luigi and visit with him a lot this week. He is excited about what God has done and is doing with his church. I think a lot of the time we just need to back away and let Him work out even the smallest of details that we encounter on a daily basis.


PS: We just experienced a 5.3 earthquake as I was typing this blog, I am sitting in a lounge chair and it felt like a rocking chair


God Bless

Brad Fleming


For months God has been preparing this team for our trip to Guatemala. We have worked in medical clinics and construction for the past three days. God has truly blessed us beyond measure. I pray that we have brought love and hope to these people. Thanks to our friends and families at home for the prayers and encouragement.


With Love in Christ,

Barbara Fleming

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