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Hola from Guatemala! We started our day off with a great breakfast and an even better worship service on the roof overlooking the city of Chimaltenango. Sam Taylor, our youth pastor, lead us in worship and Brother Breck spoke on Mary and Martha. We learned how sometimes we get caught in all of the craziness of everyday life and forget to just worship and give praise Jesus for all of the many blessings he provides. After worship, we fellowshipped with one another and ate a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. As we were finishing up lunch, Brother Breck told us that we would be leaving in 4 minutes to go to a block party in the community, even though we didn’t think we would be leaving for another 30 minutes. This is a great example of why flexibility is the first and last thing on the packing list.  We are learning to see the Lord in each opportunity.

When we arrived at the block party, the people were a little skeptical at first, but as soon as we pulled out the finger nail polish, soccer balls, and candy, they definitely warmed up very quickly. The guys enjoyed played soccer with the boys and the girls enjoyed getting their nails painted and hair braided. We had jumpers for the children and they had a blast. For some, it was their first time playing on a jumpers. Then, we pulled out the corn hole game and all ages participated.

Kelsi’s most special moment of the day was when she gave a boy that couldn’t have been any older than two, a small car. As she was about to walk away, the little boy tapped her leg and gave her the only piece of candy he had in return for the car. This just showed her that even though they have very little, they still are so selfless and give what little they do have. This was just one of the many moments today that the Lord showed us that we need to appreciate what we have and give to others. John, the missionary in Guatemala, later told us that through the block party, two people were lead to Christ. Please continue to pray for us tomorrow as we build homes and more importantly build relationships with the families and neighbors and provide us with opportunities to lead many more to Christ.

Kelsi and Lindsey

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