More Than Houses

Today when I was in the village where we were building houses, I met a boy named Christopher. He was very nice, and we liked to play together. Everywhere I went he followed me. We threw a Frisbee and jumped rope together. We had a language barrier but that didn’t matter because we still found ways to communicate. I wish I didn’t have to say Goodbye (or Adios)!

Ben Campbell


Today we were working on a house in a village for a man and his family. I was on my dad’s team and we were working right next to Mr. Mickey’s team. While we were working the man got into the work and didn’t hold back. He would grab a posthole digger and dig the holes or loosen up the dirt for us to dig out. Even when we asked him if he wanted to take a break he would say no and get back into the action. His family was near us and we played with his son. His wife was weaving a dress and she showed us the template and it was bonita (beautiful). The man worked so hard and he didn’t have gloves that he scraped up his hands. He said he was going to keep working. This blessed me along with all the kids and people that loved on us and cared for us.

Andy Ladd


This first day has been a great one. We began construction on the houses that we will be completing this week and while we still have a lot of work left to do we are making great progress! One thing that has been stressed leading up to this trip is the fact that it is about building relationships with the people in Guatemala, as well as with the people on our team. It is so easy for us, especially us “macho men”, to get so involve in completing the job that we totally forget about the main objective, building relationships and loving on the people of Guatemala. I came into this trip planning on doing construction only, but the more I meet these people the more I realize how truly special they are. Building houses is great, but we as Christians are called to so much more than that. As much as they need a roof over their head, they need Jesus so much more.

Max Davis

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