If I could describe this week with one phrase (you know I can’t do it with one word J), it would be “a concentrated or distilled version of the body of Christ.” All ages are working together to meet the needs of the team (making hundreds of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, washing dishes, filling water coolers, etc. etc.), and combining the gifts God has given us to minister to the precious people of Guatemala with whom we are coming in contact during the day. We study the Word every day together and pray and sing and share from our hearts.   Where one lacks, another provides, and encouragement is EVERYWHERE – in word and touch and action. All of this happens every week in Columbus, but it is unbelievably condensed here and powerful to observe.   ALL glory to God for what He is doing in us and through us –


Courtney Stanback


This week has been absolutely amazing!! We have built houses, participated in VBS, a block party, and shared God’s love with these sweet people. Today was by far my favorite day of the week. It was our last day of VBS, and it was Carrington and my day to tell the Bible story. Our topic was “The Gospel” so we started with Jesus’ birth and went through the resurrection. It was such a blessing to get to share the story of Christ with the children. Later in the day, I shared the Evangecube with a group of children and about ten of them accepted Christ. It was indescribable to be a part of God’s work here in Guatemala and to see new souls be rescued by Christ’s love. At the end of the day, all of the children gathered around us and prayed over us. That was one of the biggest blessings of the week because it showed me how God’s love reaches all corners of the world. Please continue to pray for our team as we finish out our week.


Carrie Westmoreland


This week has been indescribable, but today was exceptionally special. Today I had the opportunity to share the gospel with all of the children at VBS. When I was done sharing, I asked each group if they wanted to learn more about having a relationship with Jesus, and several little hands flew up. It was one of the most rewarding and overwhelming feelings, to see the results of God’s work in the kids’ lives. To hear all of their voices proclaim their salvation through prayer was such a beautiful sound. Around 20 kids from my site entered the family of believers today. After we dismissed, my special little friend, Ashly, who had just accepted Christ, gave me her only snack and her piece of candy. Something so little showed me so much humility. Christ’s love was flowing through her little hands and smile. I am so thankful that God has given me this opportunity to come and live out this experience.


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