From Widow to Bride of Christ

It is our warmest day in the city and we continued today with two teams at work. The team that was I the cool refreshing mountains yesterday returned to work in the immediate area around the HMM compound. We continued the futball camp in the morning with another great group. The second team walked around the corner for concrete work. That work consisted of removing dwelling furniture, digging out a few inches of dirt, and then mixing concrete Dominican style…it is like making pasta….on the road. Other payed workers smoothed and stained the concrete to complete the task.
The homeowner was a recent widow. As the love of Christ and our love was explained to her she accepted Christ desiring to turn away from her sin and believe. Her husband was a believer. There is still hardness in the family as her teenage and older kids sat in utter rejection of the message. Pray that this mom will attend the last two nights of the ladies Bible study and will use her new Bible to grow and her children believe as well.
The afternoon has us doing additional site work for concrete work Thursday and the third afternoon of the basketball camp.
Pray for rain! There has been no rain in this area for 6 months. Around the shanty homes they have many fruit bearing trees and plants for family consumption or to sell. The air is hazy because of dust, pollution and occasional wildfires in the area.
Pray for the staff of HMM that does remarkable work with a tremendous spirit. They translate for us, worship with us, transport teams, and escort us and proudly share about their country and area.

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