Father’s House on the Roof

We had a great day in clinic yesterday.  We worked in a lamp factory where the owner was a follower.  She had built a beautiful Father’s house on the top of her factory that was hidden from the view below.  She also had a “talking to the Father” room that was used for a small group of new followers meeting for the first time together to study a “passage”.  We had over 70 decisions for the Son

.  One of the neatest scenes of the day was to look up and see 12 different “counseling” sessions going on at the same time made up of students, adults, and local followers.  We have two “fields” this week.  One of the “fields” being our translators and another the factory workers that we are serving.  We have a heavy burden since most of our translators are not followers.  We have shared with them, but few have responded favorably to the “story”.  We are still overwhelmed by the number of people we meet who have never heard of the Father or the story.  We covet your “conversations with the Father” as we continue to serve the people of East Asia this week.

Terry & Karen

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