Friday, May 22 (From Mission Team)

The work began today with our brothers and sisters at a local orphanage in the morning. We went in small teams to the orphanage. Most of the children were preschoolers. Our job was simply to “love” on them. Each person was reminded of the simple truth that Christ loves us and has adopted us as His own.

After lunch we went to a factory that was owned by a sister in the Father’s family. We saw patients for medical wellness, sickness, and eye exams. After each person was triaged they saw the doctor or eye team. After receiving their medications, they went to spiritual counseling. We were blessed to be joined with local brothers and sisters. One of those sharing with us was the owner of the factory. She shared to story of JC with her employee. She told him that she is his boss, but God is hers. In God’s eyes, however, they are equal. If he accepts Jesus she will be His sister. She told him, “We are the same before God. We are sinners on equal ground.” She led the gentlemen to the Lord as all of us watched. It was a beautiful testimony of Christ’s love for all of us and our responsibility to share with those God has brought us into contact with.

The team today left our medicine. One of our team members went back with a translator and driver to get the medicines from the hotel. During the trip, she shared the story of JC with the driver. He gave his life to Christ.

We finished the day by sharing the Gospel with 26 people. We saw 15 of them become brothers and sisters! Praise the Lord!!! We also had discipleship training on how to share your faith 25 people.

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