No Words

There are a few times in life we find ourselves in those moments that words cannot define.  For me, it seems many of those come as I have the blessing of serving on the mission field.  God continues to show me amazing things about His grace and mercy.  Often I go with the thought of helping those who are hurting and have not heard the Gospel.  However, in God’s infinite grace He does even more.  What is more than sharing the Gospel you might ask?  Let me try to explain.

For the last several days I have served with some ordinary folks in East Asia.  Many were smart, young, energetic, gifted, etc.; however, all were ordinary when compared with the rest of the people on our planet.  Yet, in the hands of Christ the ordinary people I was with were used in an extraordinary way.  The numbers that would typically be reported were greater than we could imagine.  Yet, my mind cannot recall nor focus on the total.  What I see are the individuals.  The children, the moms, the grandfathers, the workers, the people who came through our clinic were just like us.  Yes, they spoke a different language, had a different skin tone, were shorter than most of us, and even ate some strange food at times.  But at the same time they were just like us.  They were in search of what brought meaning to life.  We were privileged to be able to share with many who came to know Christ.  This morning my heart is overwhelmed not by the multitude but by the individuals that did.

This week I was reminded of the power of one.  The difference that just a moment makes in the life of one person.  One moment in time that changes all of time and the generational trajectory for a family.  What is greater than sharing the Gospel?  Being the one who recognizes its value in their own heart and is thus “transformed” more and more into the image of Christ.

I am thankful for a church family that joins me in loving missions.  I don’t simply mean by that in going to another land far away from home.  That is important.  However, I also mean:

  • Giving sacrificially to missionaries.  Fairview remains at the top in all percentiles in giving to mission endeavors.
  • Supporting a church staff that has a heart to go and tell.
  • Sending teams on a regular basis to tell those in a foreign land about Jesus.  In doing so, they fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandments.
  • Participating in ministries that show the love of Jesus in the local community.  I can’t wait for “I Love Columbus Day!” which is coming up this week.
  • Allowing their Pastor to “go” to the foreign mission field.  I cannot express my gratitude enough in this area.  These are times of refreshing and renewal for me.
  • Raising up a generation of young men and women like those on this trip.  I watched each of them share the Gospel and lead others to Christ.  What a blessing!
  • There are many, many, many, many more.  But, I believe you get the point.  God is good!

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In Him,

Bro. Breck

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