VBS – Day 5

It was amazing.  It was fantastic.  It was incredible!

Did you see it?

Could you smell it?

Were you able to hear it?

What about taste it?

Surely you felt it…..you must have!!

If you missed it at Fairview Baptist Chuch, you truly missed out.


So, what is this “it” I’m talking about??

Worship.  Amazing worship of the One True God.

At any point during this past week, worship was experienced with every sense that God has given us, and IT was so wonderful!


Did you see it?  Did you see the worship?

We saw the smiles on the faces of hundreds of God’s precious creations.  We saw balls being kicked and children running bases.  We saw teachers holding little hands and drying tiny tears.  We saw hands being raised to Jesus – hundreds at a time.  We saw a lot of worship – things being done for God’s glory!


Could you smell it?  Could you smell the worship?

Oh, how the smells of glue and paints being spread on paper bags and cardboard crosses gave another example of God’s greatness!  And the scent of sweat, grass, and dirt as young people played joyfully together on the lawn.  Did you smell the tractor’s engine as it pulled cute little ones on a cool adventure?  We did.  We smelled the worship – things being done for God’s glory!


Did you taste it?  Did you taste the worship of our brothers and sisters?

Did you taste the sweet morsels in those chocolate chip cookies that someone took time to bake?  Did you savor the scrumptious strawberry coating on that yummy cake mix/cereal concoction?  Did you happen to taste the refreshing zest of lemon in that cool lemonade on such hot days?  Did you notice the children’s faces as they tasted the cheese balls put on their napkins?  We tasted the worship – things being done for God’s glory!


Were you able to hear it?  Were you able to hear the worship?

Walking through the hallways gave such sweet sounds to the ears.  There were testimonies of God’s goodness spoken out loud by our oldest children heading into adolescence.  There were the sounds of the water splashing as sponges were soaking it up and being passed overhead in recreation.  Let’s not forget the gorgeous sound of laughter – from the baby squeals to the goofy guffaws of the 6th grade boys! And the sound of singing as beautiful as ever can be heard on this side of heaven was poured out as an offering during worship rally.  We also heard the sweet words, “I want to know more about Jesus.”  Priceless.

We definitely heard some worship – things being done for God’s glory!


Surely you felt it.  Surely you felt the worship at VBS this week.

We felt arms of all sizes wrap around our waists and necks.  We felt the tugs on our shirts if the kiddos couldn’t read our nametags but wanted our attention.  We felt, and quite frankly still feel, the achy muscles of being on the move constantly for hours.  We felt the shirts on our backs and that sticky, colorful part as the sweat made it feel just a little bit itchy.  We felt the water as it gushed out of the buckets when we carried it to recreation.  We felt the paper decorations brush across our heads and arms each time we entered into one of the classrooms.

We felt the worship – things being done for God’s glory!


To be honest, before writing this, I never really took the time to think about worshiping God and experiencing Him with all of my senses.  But why wouldn’t I?  He gave me each of those 5 senses that we learned about in preschool, right?  And doesn’t he want me to use all of me to worship?


When is the last time you tasted something and knew someone had worshipped by cooking it?  When was the last time I smelled an engine and knew worship was going on? It is all around us.  Let’s take a challenge to try to use every sense we have to sense the presence of God and worship Him. Every. Single. Moment.

-Rachel Robertson

It has been a really great year getting to meet all the kids.  It has been a joy to help with 5th and 6th grade rec. Easily, this has been one of the best years of VBS ever.  -Nathan Nabors

This has been a wonderful VBS. I love learning about our Guide. I love the music. My teachers have been awesome also. I have met new friends. My favorite class is music. I am so thankful my church has VBS. -Anna Claire Nabors

VBS is so much fun! Our 5th grade class is awesome! My favorite rotation is music and learning the dance moves. I also really like the Bible class and learning new stories about Daniel. I’ve met five  new people this year at VBS. VBS is one of my favorite things about summer!  ~Lily Linton

This week at VBS has been FUN!!  I’ve made new friends, played at Rec, learned about missionaries, and sang new songs in Music.  Today’s Bible story was about Daniel and how he was captured at 15 and taken to Babylon.  My favorite thing at VBS today was Arts & Crafts, we made something cool – a cross with oil pastels.  t J  This week I have learned a new Bible verse:“And whenever you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear his command behind you: This is the way.  Walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

I learned that this verse tells us to listen to Him even when YOU think something else is the right choice.  It tells us that He has made us a way and we should walk in that way.

-Cole Crawford

I have gone to VBS for several years. My favorite thing is music because it makes me happy. I usually always make friends. So far I have learned about how Daniel had to go off the map to stand up for Jesus. That is what VBS is all about. Learning about Jesus and how we have to follow Him.

-Sophie Singley, 5th grade

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