A Blessed Day

Greetings from Guatemala,

The Fairview team had another great day being the hands and feet of Christ!  Today, we were able to complete the remaining 10 of the 14 homes we built this week.  After completing the homes, my team was asked to begin home dedications. We dedicated seven homes, with six of the seven families previously knowing Christ as Lord.  But I can now tell you that all seven of the families know Christ as I witnessed an entire family surrender their lives to Christ together this afternoon.   It was a very emotional experience for myself and the team to witness such an awesome display of God’s grace.  Cesar, our friend/interpreter, was also able to encourage the other six families to spread God’s love throughout the village and continue to grow in their own faith.  As great as this afternoon was for the team, I left today with a with a burden on my mind for a young man by the name of Anthony. Long story short, He was not willing to commit his life to Christ because he was afraid of what his mother would say.  As he walked away, we prayed for him and his family and have to trust that the seed had been planted and pray that he will surrender his life to Christ soon.  I would ask that you would pray for Anthony in hopes that he would make that leap of faith for Christ.

Your Brother in Christ,

Justin Carter



Greetings from Guatemala,

On Wednesday and Thursday a group of us went to feeding center.  A group of children are picked by local pastors to cine to come. They were 5 and 6 year old. Have never seen a group of well mannered young children.  We also had bible stories and crafts. Of course candy was a very welcome treat.  Andy did Bible story on Thursday.  He did a great job.  Today 12 of us went to orphanage  It was an awesome experience for all.  They had 50 children Ages arranging from 3 weeks to 1 year old.. We held babies, rocked and gave them bottles. Then during lunch time some helped feed the children. Then play time again. It was an experience we will not forget soon. Hopefully we can tell more of other experiences when get home. Going tomorrow to dedicate other homes built. God has been great during this week.

Your  Sister in Christ,

Martha C.



Hola from Guatemala,

I want to ask you to pray for a young man today that we met by the name of Anthony. Today Anthony just came to our work site out of nowhere. We had not seen him any this week except for today. While we were working my friend Cesar starting talking to him and presenting the Gospel to him. You could tell that while Cesar was talking to him you could see the spiritual battle that was taking place by the looks on his face. Needless to say he was ready to accept Christ as Lord of his life but right before we started to get ready to pray Anthony decided he wasn’t ready and he said he would do it tomorrow. Cesar asked him why he had come and he said he didn’t know why he had stopped at our worksite. Cesar began to tell him of the purpose of God, but still Anthony kept saying tomorrow I will. So tonight pray that Anthony comes back and if he doesn’t pray for the seed that has been planted will continue to be watered. Beautiful thing was after it was all over and Anthony left I was apart of 4 grown men weeping in prayer over Anthony. So pray tonight for Anthony and others that you know that have heard but have not accepted Him.

Your Brother in Christ,




Greetings from Guatemala,

This week has been a tremendous week for the Fairview family, with this being a completely new experience for me, it has been an emotional roller coaster and an eye opening experience.  I have spent every day in the village and although I know our team has been doing great works in other areas, there is no place I would rather be than in the village with the families that we are helping through Christ.   The families in the village are so appreciative of what we are doing for them, if they only knew the blessings that they have given me and our team.  Today I had the privilege to work with Cesar, Cesar’s love and passion for Christ is contagious; I feel the world would be a better place in it had more people like Cesar.  The family Justin mentioned that accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior will always hold a special place in my heart.  Thomas and his family is where my journey in Guatemala started and will be my first experience in regards to building relationships with the people of Guatemala.  Thomas’s family was my first experience in Guatemala, and I hope and pray that it will not be last.

Ben Upton


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