Touch.  One simple word, yet such a powerful expression of love.  In Guatemala this week, we have felt the awesome effect of human touch.  Many of the children that we have formed relationships with have poor hygiene due to living environment, have runny noses, and even may cough all over us. But when they reach their tiny, dirty, little hands out to grasp our hand, there is a universal feeling of love that cannot be expressed in words.

On Sunday, we were walking through the village to attend a clinic dedication.  As I was walking, I felt this little hand reach up and grab my hand.  He gave me the biggest smile and said, “Vamanos!”  Feeling thankful at the moment for our years of watching Dora the Explorer together when the kids were little, I remembered that it translated to “let’s go!”  He proceeded to drag me through the dirt streets and rough terrain to get to our location.  He then took me to meet his madre’ and his amigos.  He was such a spunky little boy!

As a family, we had many concerns about this trip.  And to be honest, there were times that we could have allowed obstacles, distractions, and anxiety to make us feel inadequate to serve on a foreign mission trip.  One of our greatest concerns was not being able to communicate the language with the people of Guatemala effectively.  But immediately, we learned that a smile and a hug were all that was required to show love.

In one of our morning worship sessions, Bro. Breck spoke of the lady who had the bleeding disorder (Mark 5).  Her faith was so strong that she believed that a simple touch of Jesus’ garment, would heal her.  When she made her way through the crowd and approached Jesus, she touched the hem of his garment and was healed.  In that moment, she went from nobody to somebody.

The people of Guatemala have always been “somebody” to God, but now they have become “somebody” to us. We have formed relationships with families that we hope and pray that we will one day see again, both in Guatemala and in eternity. Now when we pray, we will pray specifically for the people of Guatemala that have so touched and blessed our lives this week, including our friends, Santiago, Christian, Hannah, Diego, Wilson and their families.

In Christ,

Jason, Allison, Avery and Davis Pool

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