We’ll Go, To The Edge of The World

We have just finished our last team meeting here in Beijing. Once again we have over and over been blessed here in East Asia. With the Lord’s guidance we have conquered language barriers, experienced new foods, and learned to recognize and accept other’s culture. We know how difficult it is to understand the gospel when one has never heard God’s name before especially when already living in fear. We have walked the streets and seen the eyes of those with no hope. And I was reminded of how it took me eleven years to start to understand God’s promises while at the same time encouraged by the number of people of all ages who have become new believers.

We have used our given skills, talents, and knowledge to address medical needs, encourage each other on the team and those we have meet, prayed together and witnessed things we could not have imagined. We have watched as a young boy heard the story of Our Father and His son and quickly responded by running to find a friend and bringing him back to listen. We have prayed with a 17 year old mother and lead her to accept the truth. We have dried tears of a middle age woman who is a believer but miserable in her marriage to a man who is a Buddhist. We have held the hands of an elderly women who has washed dishes for very little money in a restaurant for years while her husband served as a missionary in another party of her country.

God has been so good to all of us by giving us the energy and resources needed to share the gospel. We are blessed by a church family that has been our daily prayer warriors. You are so appreciated for what you continue to do as we have pour out our our heart for others.

And so I am reminded of the words of a song our team has sung together and pray that you to accept them as a challenge.

All who call on the Lord will be saved
But how can they call when they don’t believe
And how will they believe if they haven’t heard
And how will they hear unless someone tells them
And how can they tell them if they are never sent?

So we’ll go, to the edge of the world
Bringing good news for the broken and the poor
There is hope for all who are thirsty
To come to the Well as you are and drink of his mercy

It’s all for your glory God!

May God continue to bless you as He has me.
Elizabeth Smith

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