Submerged in VBS 2016

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One of the most fascinating sounds this week has been to hear the words, “I am, I am, I am remarkably made,” as they were sung repetitiously from the mouths of our children.  Prayerfully this week, we have instilled this truth in these kiddos.  It may be that one day, as they are faced with troubles with a friend or even hard days at home, they will sing these words from Psalm 139 and remember their worth.  And in that remembrance, perhaps they will draw up the other truths that we have “submerged” deep into their hearts this week: “Jesus sees; Jesus knows; Jesus saves.”  God will most certainly speak to them to tell them that He sees their struggles and knows every pain they feel.  Most wonderfully, it is during those exact times that He saves daily with His amazing grace by giving a new perspective, irreplaceable joy, and unfathomable peace!

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