July, 2016

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Submerged…New York Style

We’re having difficulty posting to the blog on a regular basis. But we are posting to Facebook. Be sure and like our posts at the Fairview Baptist Chuch Facebook page! ┬áThere are some great pictures and video snippets to check out. Things are going extremely well and the kids are awesome!

Opening Day – New York

Today (Monday, July 11) was our first day with the children. We were able to worship with a local church yesterday; they prayed for us as a group and God has been gracious. We are off to a great start. We have over forty day campers. This is a little smaller group than last year but it was a great day.

We had one boy who said he had been waiting for us. Last year he was very interested and asked a lot of questions. Today he gave his life to Christ. As Angela reminded us, we have just a short time to impact these children, but it can make an eternal difference. This may be the only time that some of these children hear about the Lord all year.

We have a wonderful team that is representing the Lord and Fairview very well. Thank you for your continued prayers.