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Submerged…New York Style

We’re having difficulty posting to the blog on a regular basis. But we are posting to Facebook. Be sure and like our posts at the Fairview Baptist Chuch Facebook page!  There are some great pictures and video snippets to check out. Things are going extremely well and the kids are awesome!

Opening Day – New York

Today (Monday, July 11) was our first day with the children. We were able to worship with a local church yesterday; they prayed for us as a group and God has been gracious. We are off to a great start. We have over forty day campers. This is a little smaller group than last year but it was a great day.

We had one boy who said he had been waiting for us. Last year he was very interested and asked a lot of questions. Today he gave his life to Christ. As Angela reminded us, we have just a short time to impact these children, but it can make an eternal difference. This may be the only time that some of these children hear about the Lord all year.

We have a wonderful team that is representing the Lord and Fairview very well. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Friday, May 22 (From Mission Team)

The work began today with our brothers and sisters at a local orphanage in the morning. We went in small teams to the orphanage. Most of the children were preschoolers. Our job was simply to “love” on them. Each person was reminded of the simple truth that Christ loves us and has adopted us as His own.

After lunch we went to a factory that was owned by a sister in the Father’s family. We saw patients for medical wellness, sickness, and eye exams. After each person was triaged they saw the doctor or eye team. After receiving their medications, they went to spiritual counseling. We were blessed to be joined with local brothers and sisters. One of those sharing with us was the owner of the factory. She shared to story of JC with her employee. She told him that she is his boss, but God is hers. In God’s eyes, however, they are equal. If he accepts Jesus she will be His sister. She told him, “We are the same before God. We are sinners on equal ground.” She led the gentlemen to the Lord as all of us watched. It was a beautiful testimony of Christ’s love for all of us and our responsibility to share with those God has brought us into contact with.

The team today left our medicine. One of our team members went back with a translator and driver to get the medicines from the hotel. During the trip, she shared the story of JC with the driver. He gave his life to Christ.

We finished the day by sharing the Gospel with 26 people. We saw 15 of them become brothers and sisters! Praise the Lord!!! We also had discipleship training on how to share your faith 25 people.

Thursday, June 26

The team finished the mission activities on Wednesday night, which was family night. We got to meet the parents we gave dolls, which were made by some of our ladies at Fairview, to the children. We were blessed to spend this time at Church of the Cove and hope to continue our relationship with them. They are a church with a mission focus both at home and abroad. But we were also blessed to spend this time with each other. Our families now share an experience that has brought us closer to each other. Not only did we work with the Church of the Cove, but we explored Tuckaleechee Caverns, see the beauty of Great Smoky Mountains, and jump off of a big rock into the river. It was a wonderful week. Prayerfully consider your involvement in the next mission opportunity.

Tuesday, June 24

We have been blessed with beautiful weather and wonderful fellowship. The team has really enjoyed working with the Church of the Cove and getting to know one another better. We have also been reminded of the admonition to be ready “in season and out of season.” The guest speaker for Monday evening could not make it so I (Bro Kevin) had the opportunity and privilege to speak to the children. The night before, Mr. Mike had twisted metal rods, ripped phone books in half and bent horseshoes with his bare hands. So I tried, and failed, to crush a cinder block with my bare hands. I reminded the kids that there are just some things that we simply cannot do, like get to heaven on our own strength; and there are some things only God can do, like make a way for us to be with him in heaven. Romans 5:8 tells us that “when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” Jesus crushed the power of sin and was strong enough to take us heaven. What a beautiful truth.

Monday June 23

We have settled into the mission routine. We were blessed with wonderful worship yesterday with the Church of the Cove and Sports Camp was kicked off last night with a Gospel presentation by Mike Hagen of the strength team. There are about 50 children and our primary involvement with Sports Camp will begin tonight. We woke up this morning to a warm mountain summer day and did some painting and wood sealing around the church campus. The next few days will be like this one – morning works of service and evening Sports Camp with the children. Our Christian brothers and sisters here have been so accommodating and appreciative. Continue to pray for us as we pray for you and World Changers back in Columbus.


From Kent Walker

We have had an amazing start to our mission trip to East Asia. Although it took us 36 hours to get here, all the team would agree that is was worth whatever time it took. I have been blessed with the special privilege to share the Gospel with the people after they receive their medical care. Although it is hard to believe, many of these people have never heard of Jesus and they have been taught from birth that there is no God. They are taught that science alone explains the creation of the world and that the only thing that matters is leaving a better world for their children. Most are Atheists that believe there is nothing after death. It reminds me of the passage that the harvest is ready but the laborer’s are few. I am so thankful that Fairview has a heart for missions and that we are part of the laborer’s God is using. I am so thankful for the prayer warriors that have prayed for us and this mission trip. You are just as big of a laborer as those of us who travel. We could not accomplish anything without God’s power being with us and we know that you have been faithful in prayer and we see God’s hand move here among these people.
There is nothing that compares to the experience of sharing the Gospel and having the person’s face light up when you share the wonderful love that God has for them. One of the highlights I will always treasure was seeing a man today in his 70’s break into a smile and when I asked him if he would like to accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord. We were able to give him a Bible and he walked away a new creature in Christ Jesus. In the last two days we have seen over 25 people of all ages give their heart to Christ – God loves his people and the Holy Spirit is working here in a powerful way.
We also had the opportunity to worship today with the Christian brothers and sisters in the city we are working in. It was so special to hear them sing, read scripture, and pray in their native language. They have a zeal and a passion that the church in America once had. We went to encourage them but it was really us who walked away encouraged and challenged to realize how special that coming together as a body of believers really is.
Please pray that God will continue to pour out His Spirit on the people as we conduct the medical clinics this week. Pray that our team will stay healthy and that the enemy will be bound and that many more souls will be added to His Kingdom.

The Code

The blog updates from East Asia are in code due to restrictions in the area where the team is serving. However, it should not take you long to decipher what they are saying. Please continue to keep them in your discussions with the Father.

From the Pastor

Brother Breck sends the following:

Greetings from East Asia! After 36 hours of travel time that included a single 14 hour plane ride we arrived at our destination. We were all exhausted but also encouraged. We arrived around midnight local time and drove a couple of hours to our hotel in the city where we would be working. Our first day was filled with preparation. We met our translators from the local community. Many of them were members of the family, others were not. That is exciting! All week long as we share about the Father we will have students from the local university around us hearing His story as well. Please talk to Dad about them specifically.
Yesterday we split into two teams and saw over 100 in our medical and eye clinics. We helped them with their physical needs and helped them learn about our family and our Father. We were so blessed to see several become a part of the family!!! Continue to talk to Dad about our needs. Today we will be meeting with different family groups around the city to learn about them and how their work is going.
The culture here is vastly different from America. However, the people are the same as us. They work hard, love their families, and are hungry for the truth and peace that we know. Continue to talk to Dad for us and our family in East Asia.

East Asia Team Has Arrived

The East Asia mission team safely landed around 3:30 this morning Fairview time.