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What’s in a hug?

Today was the first day that I got to help with the bible school/story telling.  We told the students about the first Christmas and the birth of Christ.  We didn’t know if they had ever heard the story.  After we got done, we had a lot of questions from the students, which challenged us a little bit.  Really cool experience.  We sang for them.  Then the translator got them to sing for us.  Loved getting to see them have fun singing/dancing for us. 

            Then after lunch we went and distributed food for the community.  We would tell them a little about us and then through prayer and love, we showed them the love of Christ.  Its what this whole thing is about.  Nothing quite like receiving a hug and a big thank you from someone you don’t even know and that through prayer, God has filled a need for them through a small bag of rice and beans (Very humbling experience).  It makes you really think about all the “little things” that go wrong in our lives and we make it into a “BIG thing”. Very very thankful for this trip and the opportunity to do this. 

Davis Lee and Cal Fleming


We started our construction work today! We started the foundation for the building and the boys are working hard at mixing concrete with shovels! We are building a kitchen for the sweet ladies who cook meals for us and every other team that comes to Haiti. These same ladies also cook for the children of the school. It costs 50 dollars a year for each child to come to school. This money pays for tuition, a uniform, and one meal per day. The kitchen that the ladies have previously been cooking in is a hut made up of a tarp roof and a tin wall.
It’s been so special seeing all of the kids who remember me and the people who have been here before. It is also comforting to see how much progress has been made on the site since we’ve last been here. This community that is so dear to my heart is growing beautifully.
On this trip so far we’ve seen familiar faces and also met new ones. One new face we’ve met is a little boy who is about four months old. We met his mom last time we were here when she was pregnant with him. This sweet baby has fluid in his head that needs to be drained. He cries all the time because he’s in pain. It’s heart breaking that he, like so many other children in this country, has not been able to get the treatment that he needs. Although I cannot pronounce his name specifically, I ask that you pray for him and his mom as they hope and pray for the best for him.

God’s work is being done and His love is being shown in Anse a Pitre this week. Continue to pray for our team as we work to finish this kitchen and continue to build relationships based on the love of our Lord with the people of Haiti.

Joy In Worship

Hey Fairview Family, this is Ricky checking in. After a long day of travel, we’ve made it to the compound in Anse a Pitre. It’s been a year since I’ve been to this compound, and the amount of growth I see in this place is such a blessing. Not only have more buildings been finished, but the people of the area have also been shaped by the love we have shown. We had the privilege to sit in on a church service this morning that took place in a building we broke ground on last year. Singing, clapping, hollering, and beating on drums, these people love Jesus, and witnessing such praise without abandon is a humbling and inspiring experience. It’s only our first day here, but I already have such high hopes for this compound and the people around it. Building new churches and houses, facilitating bible school for the children, teaching English to the adults, or even just throwing a ball around with the locals, everything we do for these people is a reflection of God’s love. Paul writes in 1st Corinthians, “Be Strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is useless.” Seeing and hearing the people of Anse a Pitre praise the lord brings me such joy, and I pray that through the spread of the word and love of Christ that we may fill that church and many others like it.

In Christ
Ricky Truitt

Nearing Completion

Bro. Tommy called and said everything is going great.  They are very close to completing the building of the school.  They will be heading back to the Dominican Republic tomorrow and stay the night at the compound and then fly out on Friday.

A Little Water Can’t Stop These Guys

Overnight the team experienced 10″ of rain making it impossible to cook or work.  Overnight God’s people were praying and the Lord answered their prayer.  This morning the team awoke to better weather and NO RAIN.  Below are pictures of the old “school” and the new facility the team is constructing.  Please continue to pray for the team and continued good weather.  The Lord is working and has more to do in and through the team.

photo 2 photo 1

Home Away From Home

The Haiti mission team has arrived safely and setup their camp for the coming week.  Please pray for them to have good weather and divine appointments as they labor for the cause of Christ.  This week they will be serving in  rural and remote village to help a community by providing a place to worship.  They will be sleeping in tents!  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Maybe it’s not your idea of fun; but, we would have to agree it does sound like a blessing in the making!75924_10153186741995109_1790182798_n